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Live In Iceland On “The Crystal Endeavor”🎵🛳 🇮🇸

After a long year of trying to navigate current events and constantly asking the question, “When will it end?”, there appears to be some light at the end of this tunnel.

We’re happy to announce that Azalea has been hired as the “Specialty Duo” onboard Crystal Cruises brand new ship “The Crystal Endeavor”. This is a sure sign that the world is moving forward towards a brighter future.

We’re writing this email from our hotel in Stralsund, Germany, where the ship is currently docked. We will board the ship shortly, get to know her, and do some training. Following this, we’ll sail to Iceland where we’ll pick up our first passengers for an amazing adventure that will take us to some of the country’s most beautiful locations.

As head of the ships entertainment department we’re looking forward to presenting Azalea’s unique musical style as a featured highlight of every cruise. We’re so grateful for this work and are very excited to be joining the Crystal Cruises team.

We’ll be posting along the way on social media. So, please consider following us on your favourite platform!




You can check out all the great cruises this ship has to offer HERE!

We hope each and every one of you are doing well and we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reply to this email or send us a message on INSTAGRAM!

Love & Peace,


New Song “REPEAT” 🔂

Our new single “REPEAT” dropped this morning! Listen at the link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/azalea/repeat

“This song was pandemic inspired. We realized during this time how nice it can be to stay at home with the one you love. While the world is a beautiful place, it can also be a crazy place, and sometimes it’s nice to shut yourself inside with the your loved one(s) and turn off the noise and chaos from the outside world.”

Enjoy the song and “Put it on Repeat 🔁”!

Peace & Love,


IndieStrong.com Reviews “Heartache & Whiskey” 💔🥃

Azalea has released a single called “Heartache & Whiskey”. Sometimes I’m baffled at how many amazing songs are out there. This song is magnificent.  Benjamin & Mia Hackett are the Australian/Canadian husband & wife musical collaborative known as Azalea. To quote their bio, “The way their voices blend together in song conjures an imagined romance”. This is exactly what I felt listening to this song. I pictured two souls gifted with abundant talent drenched in romance singing this masterpiece. I am reminded of Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Gaga & Bradley, and Lady A. Excellent performance instrumentally and vocally. The harmonies on this song are at the level singers aspire to get to. This great song would make any dramatic film better by being added to the soundtrack. I can’t wait for the world to know this band. Check out Azalea today!


Valentine’s Concert💘🎵

ON FEBRUARY FOURTH AT 6PM EST, that’s right, the 4th, NOT the 14th, we’ll be playing a special concert on FACEBOOK in honour of Valentine’s Day!

Join us from the comfort of your living room for an intimate & interactive evening of love songs. This concert – named Cupid’s Quiver – will feature a mix of cover & original songs, and will be broadcast live on FACEBOOK.

Let’s gather (in our respective living rooms) for an intimate & engaging night of music & conversation.

This concert is FREE to attend, however, there will be a donation link to support us, if you’re able. 

Click the link below, prep your drinks & snacks, grab your special loved ones, and let’s start looking forward to a fun night of music!

WATCH LINK: https://www.facebook.com/AzaleaMusic.net/live/

Peace & Love,